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The human divine spark, aware of the implacable Natural Law of the Universe, even before the inventions, made the man to leave his comfort zone and to meet the unknown.

This disturbing and latent pulsar is characteristic of the human being, who from the unbeliever causes the certainty of possibilities to emerge and to invest in the incognito.

So it was with primitive men and it is up to the present day. In the meantime, many of these adventurers became heroes and became registered in the imagery and culture of their peoples.

From the maritime voyages of the Cheng-Ho eunuch, through the Vikings and the great European navigations of the 15th and 16th centuries, we arrive at this work, Amyr Klink, in his journey of self-knowledge.

The book Mundo por Terra – A fascinating world tour by car, is an account of the journey of a couple (Roy and Michelle) who traveled the world by car, crossing 5 continents, 60 countries, 160,733km, in 1,033 days!

This narrative describes in detail all the subjects related to travel, such as decision-making, the great change of life, planning, the journey itself, the cultural differences of the people, the unpublished passages, the description of how it was to live in 4 square meters, the couple’s relationship (24 hours a day for almost 3 years), how they dealt with bureaucracies, friendships, mechanical problems, women’s conviviality in the Islamic world, communication, in short, all matters of great Slot Machine interest and extremely differentiated.

The stories follow the itinerary and are translated in a simple, light and delicious way to read. More like a conversation of friends, between the reader and the travelers!

It travels from one to the other side of the universe, touched by the passions, by landmarks always, African lands, granite stones and Côa river villages, details of the weather and people.

From the comprehensive look at all poetic composition, he seduces me, for example: “Let me think and do not interrupt me the blue ocean, happy in its bosom, the barren and barren desert proper for those who dwell in it, I think the limitation of everything conditioned to our ignorance of the momentary and the perennial! ”
There is always something to uncover in this book.
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